Lives are fragile and plants are no exception. They are also vulnerable to climate, seasons or simply bad gardening. Withering, undesirable overgrowth, untidy soil bed and pest infestation are common problems faced by garden owners. Our maintenance service is in a league of its own to the highest industry standards and critically acclaimed by clients with whom we have maintained a partnership for more than 30 years, including governmental institutions, theme parks, hotels, private housing estate and bungalows. 

Armed with deep knowledge about horticultural techniques and technologies, our front-line staff is always equipped with the latest gears and devices to keep our services efficient and competitive. We are also known for our prompt response to enquiries and follow-up work so as to formulate the best solutions in the quickest manner possible.


✓ Watering

✓ Trimming

✓ Pest control

✓ Weeding

✓ Fertilizing

✓ Plant replacement
(regular maintenance)

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