Sometimes people spend a large amount of money tending their garden with costly plant. However, due to wrong choosing of species of plants, these plants often lose shape or even wither after a few months. Our design & construction team is equipped with all-round expertise and experience in executing landscaping projects, particularly well-versed in western design. With our horticultural knowledge about plant properties and traits, our design is not only highly appreciated for their aesthetics merits but also for their sustainability and durability.

Horticultural condition, lifespan, growth habit, season-to-season appearance as well as combination with other plants are all taken into our consideration before designing a garden. Most importantly, we are aware of the maintenance needs of clients such as budget and time allowed for regular maintenance, which may affect the choice of plants in terms of speed of growth, blooming season and other characteristics. Before kicking off our landscaping projects, we offer free site visit to evaluate the construction environment and to better understand design preferences of our clients. To further deliver our customized design idea, 3D renderings of construction design is provided when necessary, offering our clients an imaginable full picture of how the garden will look like. 

For clients who want to build a garden from scratch, Flora Houses offers harass-free service starting from hardscaping. Hardscaping refers to installation of non-living features including wooden decking, fences, pergolas, walkway, retaining walls, ponds and more. We can incorporate hardscaping into your existing landscape design; or create an entirely new garden from scratch, no matter it is a narrow and cramped backyard or a broad and terraced garden. 

Getting bored of ordinary design? We collect gardening materials from all over the world to create an unique, bespoke garden in your desired style, connecting your garden coherently with your home or corporate decor.

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