Flora Houses Limited was founded in 1988 expertise in landscape design and maintenance, providing bespoke, professional and cost-effective landscaping solutions with a proud history of more than three decades. Our own established 20,000 ft. nurseries based in both Hong Kong and China enable the nurturance of a vast variety of plant species, offering extensive choices of greeneries for landscape projects of all size.



Staffed with experienced, professional teams with expertise in landscape design and maintenance, Flora Houses has established long-term reputation for high quality landscaping service, workmanship and customer service for clients from residential to commercial and architectural scales. Our team is equipped with internationally validated certificate such as ISA Certified Arborist Certificate and Nation Arborist Training Certificate to guarantee professionalism.



In 2014, Flora Houses underwent a revamp project. In addition to rebranding corporate visuals, uniformizing our truck fleet and building a professional moving image team, Flora Houses works closely with local interior designers and floriculture artist, extending our scope of business as well as infusing the brand with energy and vibrancy. In 2017, Flora Houses has stepped into a new milestone by extending our scope of business with online retail service. In addition to our renowned, clearly priced potted plants, our online shop gathers finely-picked landscaping products from all around the world, offering our clients all-round landscaping solutions with only one click.



Green is more than a colour. Flora Houses believes a plant is not merely a plant while the world is walking on a green trend. With our vision to pursue high-quality greenery, Flora Houses works hand in hand with our clients to raise quality of future lives of the city.